lunes, 11 de enero de 2010

Wereju - The Way Of The Cross

Wereju - The Way Of The Cross

Genre : Electronica, Ambient
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1) He Knows That Time Is Short (15:24)
2) Forsaken (4:45)

3) Halo Wrapped In Thorns (8:56)
4) The Nails Go In (7:55)


This is the fifth release of Wereju's label "Idrone Park" like all Idrone park releases this comes in a black cardboard card with photographic artwork on it. the CDr itself is white. It has a photo of a cross on a mountain and in the inlay you see jesus crawling with a cross on his back. This music is all about suffering. carrying your own personal cross on your back.
A very heavy album like i am used from Wereju. Wereju itself means in Russian "I believe" which is an interesting addition to this album from this man from Ireland. The first track is called "He knows that time is short" which is a 15 minute slow evolving and mourning piece, soaked with sadness and pain. It is also the most melodic and melancholic piece of this album. The middle part is very dark but at the ending it gets more euphoric, like a man who knows he will die finally accepting his own fate. Track 2 "forsaken" is a short 5 minute track. This track is very cold and distant. "Halo wrapped in thorns" the third is a 9 minute track which gets more dark and violent then the others, the sound gets harsher and harsher and deeper and darker. Suffering and nothing else. The end piece is called "the nails go in"which is cold, dark and very empty. Like all the pain has gone, aswell as all emotions, a dead man hanging on his cross.

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