martes, 19 de enero de 2010

Tom White – In Poor Visibility

Tom White – In Poor Visibility
Genre : Electronica, Ambient
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1. Global 02:26
2. On Sundays 04:52
3. Cecil Andrew 12:04
4. Over Familiar 05:26
5. A Pardon 03:28
6. Visibility 05:00
7. Moredon Cooling Towers 04:20
8. Destitute 03:45
9. Nobody In The Water 02:


Tom White continues to go from strength to strength with another absolutely marvellous album, this time on UK homegrown label Hibernate. What I like is the way he’s becoming more and more refined with each release, yet he’s lost none of the earthy goodness that made me sit up and pay attention in the first place. It’s good to hear him so comfortable with longer compositions, such as the 12 minute ‘Cecil Andrew’, and yet he’s still equally at home with the shorter pieces as well. A deep and melancholy sound pervades his work which I find particularly appealing and there’s a scratchy, organic sound to the work here that gives it a ‘realness’ that suits the kind of music he’s writing. There’s beauty, certainly, and also plenty of melodic elements, but I think he’s at his strongest when he’s delivering the kind of soundscape / textural work that he’s become more and more known for. Live processed guitars and electronics provide much of the underlying texture and with edits layered on top it creates a spellbinding mixture of clean and musty, dark and light, beautiful and strangely dissonant. This combination is the real strength of his work and, as ever, listing each track would undo a lot of the work that’s been put in to make it coherent as a whole. Each track is a small work of sonic art on its own, yet together it makes for a totally complete sounding full album. Simply put Tom White is an exceptionally exciting prospect on the UK improv / electronic scene and this album merely confirms just how good he is. A massive and resounding recommendation.

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