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Various Artists – Erik Satie Et Les Nouveaux Jeunes

Various Artists – Erik Satie Et Les Nouveaux Jeunes
Genre : Classic, Electronic, Ambient

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CD1-01 Library Tapes – Satie On Tape
CD1-02 Kyle Dawkins – Danse De Travers
CD1-03 Minotaur Shock – Small Starts
CD1-04 Max Richter – Erik Sleeping
CD1-05 Chessie – Katy (For Satie)
CD1-06 Danny Norbury – Tango Fragment
CD1-07 Julia Kent – Seul, Pendant Un Instant
CD1-08 ww.lowman – Lakegirl
CD1-09 Akamatsu – Gymnopédie 8 (4/4)
CD1-10 Part Timer – A Clumsy But Subtle Technician
CD1-11 Rachel Grimes – Gnossiennes No.3
CD1-12 That Summer – Le Yachting
CD1-13 Monokle – Mist
CD1-14 Sylvain Chauveau – Prélude De La Chambre Rouge
CD1-15 Fred Lonberg-Holm – Le Flirt
CD1-16 Steve Peters – Hymne (Pour Un Fils Des Étoiles)

CD2-01 Rafael Anton Irisarri & Goldmund – Gnossienne No.1
CD2-02 Pan American – Leftalone (2ème)
CD2-03 Moinho – Movements & Variations For Satie
CD2-04 Hauschka – Chat Noir
CD2-05 0 – Gnossienne No.3
CD2-06 Beatrice Martini & Robert Lippok – Je Te Veux
CD2-07 Peter Broderick – Les Trois Valses Distinguées Du Précieux Dégouté 2
CD2-08 Rachel Grimes – Gnossienne No.2
CD2-09 The Boats – Le Yachting
CD2-10 Astrïd – Erik S.
CD2-11 Eluvium – Ogives/Redistributed
CD2-12 Dustin O’Halloran – Opus 33
CD2-13 Nils Frahm – Body
CD2-14 Mr Potier – Le Jars Des Andes
CD2-15 Steve Roden – EIAIE – In His Name, The Vowels Are Also Notes, And A Small Mountain
CD2-16 Inlandsis – Coloquinte


This really is marvelous. I’ve always got time for some Satie, the legendary 19th Century composer and Pianist. His compositions have been reproduced by many over the years but to my knowledge this is certainly the most comprehensive collection of interpretations by contemporary players. The audio and Satie’s work really speak for themselves so I’ll let you know the important bit and that’s who features across the two discs (32 in all!) including Library Tapes, Kyle Dawkins, Minotaur Shock, Max Richter, Chessie, Danny Norbury, Julia Kent, Part Timer, Rachel Grimes, Sylvain Chauveau, Rafael Anton Irisarri & Goldmund, Pan American, Hauschka, The Boats, Eluvium, Nils Frahm, Dustin O’Halloran etc. A stellar line up I’m sure you’ll agree. A really engaging listen, hearing how these talents add their unique magic to these important works.

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