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Matthew Robert Cooper (Eluvium) – Some Days Are Better Than Others (2011) OST

Matthew Robert Cooper ::: Some Days Are Better Than Others (2011) OST
Genre : Ambient, Electronic

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01 Curious Moments
02 Drifting
03 Pursuance
04 Into Dust
05 Expectation
06 What You Leave Behind
07 Reprieve
08 Worry and Care
09 Time and Abandonment
10 It’s Never What It Seems
11 Camille and the Ocean
12 Some Days Are Better Than Others
13 Katrina Outtake


We have waited with eager anticipation to release Matthew Cooper's spellbinding soundtrack to Some Days Are Better Than Others since before his creative breakthrough album, Similes (released under his more widely known Eluvium moniker) was even made. The film stars James Mercer (Broken Bells, The Shins) and Carrie Brownstein (Portlandia, Sleater-Kinney) as strangers whose lives occasionally intersect as they navigate their way through the struggles of personal attachment and disconnection. When viewing the film, Cooper observed themes being presented regarding our throw-away society, and realized that both he and Some Days director Matt McCormick shared a common interest in this world of things left behind and the emotional baggage that is connected to it - whether broken or simply tossed aside for something new; something once considered the future, turning into antiquated rubble. Cooper decided that using a collection of damaged instruments would be a fitting way to underscore this aspect of the film. Here he uses the inherent characteristics of these instruments to create something honest and beautiful, something that is at once familiar, damaged and unique - something we can all relate to.

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