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Seefeel - Seefeel

Seefeel - Seefeel
Genre : Shoegaze, Electronic

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01 O-on One
02 Dead Guitars
03 Step Up
04 Faults
05 Gzaug
06 Rip-Run
07 Making
08 Step Down
09 Airless
10 Aug30
11 Sway


Conceived by Mark Clifford and Sarah Peacock in the early 90's, Seefeel immediately became groundbreaking leaders of the divergent quasi-movement known as "shoegaze", by amalgamating electronics in ways most of their peers in traditional bands would never dream of. They managed to fuse the early Acid House and techno sounds with guitar, drums and bass into urgent melodic waves that on early releases like Quique and Succour oscillated between hopefulness, introspection and downright menace. Now comes the all new self-titled full length, as a new generation of young bands the world over look once again to building their own walls of sound, Seefeel stand ready again to play not only the inspired outsiders, but also the inspirational forerunners. With much talk of implied mysticism abound in music these days, Seefeel deals this out in sonic revelations. From the glacial "Airless" to the lumbering intensity of "Dead Guitars" and the ghostly harmonics of "Faults" each step feels of deeply personal progression. Mark Clifford, "There is a real dynamic, creative process that’s exciting. I feel the music we have made for these initial releases is just the very start and we already have a number of ideas/tracks in place for future releases that I feel push our own boundaries even further. As well as this, we are growing as a live band, adding elements of improvisation and looser structures unimaginable to us a few years back, and with continued touring I'm excited to see how we develop in that direction."

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