lunes, 13 de diciembre de 2010

Part Timer ::: Real to Reel

Part Timer ::: Real to Reel
Genre : Electroacoustic, Ambient, Experimental

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1. The Distance Between One (feat. Danielle McCaffrey)
2. Campsite Sundown
3. Unfound (feat. Heidi Elva and Aaron Martin)
4. A Long Inhalation
5. Suspended Belief
6. The Runner (feat. Heidi Elva and Aaron Martin)
7. Where We Used To Go (feat. Nicola Hodgkinson and Aaron Martin)
8. Interalia (feat. Aaron Martin)
9. In Your Hand
10. Untold, Unfold (feat. Danielle McCaffrey)
11. It’s A Storm
12. Never Meant To Be (feat. Heidi Elva and Aaron Martin)
13. Taken Along Quietly


Brand new album of folk-tinged electronic love songs featuring contributions from Nicola Hodgkinson, aka Empress, Aaron Martin and Heidi Elva on vocals and harp* Starting out as a member of sorely missed Northern duo Clickits, John McCaffrey has redefined himself over the last few years as a prime purveyor of beautiful, folk-tinged electronic love songs. Yes, songs, I said it – these three-to-four minute slices of bliss are far from the directionless vignettes you might expect from an ‘electronic musician’, they have a beginning, middle, end and even choruses. Who’d have thought? The impeccable production McCaffrey has exhibited throughout his career is utilized here maybe better than ever before. Nicola Hodgkinson (aka Empress) and John’s wife Danielle each contribute vocals which wisp graciously over McCaffrey’s stuttering percussion and staccato string plucks like billows of smoke from a French cigarette. It is Empress who I might say is the best reference point here, it’s been a while since we've heard her bleak tones on record and they're matched beautifully by McCaffrey's productions -coming across as both painfully sad and delicately optimistic. Let Part Timer wrap you up in dusty ¼” tape and sink into a deep blissful state...

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