martes, 28 de diciembre de 2010

d_rradio ::: parts

d_rradio ::: parts
Genre : Classic, Ambient, Electronic

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1. Fading Stars I
2. Better Left Alone
3. Midnight On A Moonless Night
4. Still In A Storm
5. Through Broken Rushes
6. Drawing In The Dark
7. Fading Stars II
8. Parts
9. Death Of The Fair Green Veil
10. See For The Last Time
11. Easy To Fall
12. Ruins Of A Wall Of Sound
13. End Of A Wild Life
14. Up By The Roots
15. Under The Lake Bed
16. The Immense Quiet Of The Dark Blue
17. The Right Way To Lie
18. Rain On The Rocks
19. Returns


South Shields electronic trio d_rradio return for a brand new album on Distraction Records, and it marks a bit of a change in style. The unassumingly titled Parts takes on a kind of vintage, ghostly ambient feel that at various points brings to mind the likes of Philip Jeck, Leyland Kirby, Janek Schaefer and Klimek. The mention of those sorts of names instantly summons up images of old 78s, cinematic orchestral plunderings and buzzwords that already feel a little past-it and overused like 'hauntology'. In all fairness though, these are all pretty apt points of reference. With this latest long-player d_rradio have masterfully taken hold of that particular sub-section of the ambient genre, drawing you into a sepia-tinted, slightly out of focus musical universe that's full of crackle, surface noise and eerie romance. As Parts unfolds it becomes fairly clear that this is a more immediately listenable and accessible outing than anything you'd encounter by most of those artists mentioned above, but it is a vividly coherent and atmospheric record that's easy to recommend - even to listeners who don't normally find themselves drawn to ambient music.

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