miércoles, 26 de agosto de 2009

Tom White - Sight See

Tom White - Sight See
Genre : Electronica, Ambient
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1. Spree Park 05:41
2. Terry 01:25
3. Map Pilot 01:08
4. Groats 03:11
5. Finale 04:25
6. Trad 02:32

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Tom White's Sight See is one of those things I completely fell for as soon as I heard it. Consisting of 6 tracks, 4 of them short, 2 of them long, it's a really beautiful collection of experimental electronic music with lots of feeling. From the opening track's effortlessly beautiful swelling layers of grainy sound right through to the guitar laced moments that feature later on, this is something that wears its heart on its sleeve - and it's all the better for that. Splendidly engaging and lo-fi textures are the order of the day and it's this combination of short and sweet with extended works that makes it so enjoyable for me. One minute you're listening to an almost Tim Hecker-esque soundscape, the next you're into Digitalis-style raw and strange experimentation. It's a lovely little release this, and I'm dead proud to be able to bring it to you. A big thanks to Tom for being patient and for sending me the tracks in the first place. 100 copies only.

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