martes, 25 de agosto de 2009

Fabio Orsi & Seaworthy - Near and Faraway

Fabio Orsi & Seaworthy - Near and Faraway
Genre : Ambient, Folk, Electronica
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01. Evening By Evening
02. Near And Faraway
03. Branch And Stone


A meeting of minds spanning thousands of miles, 'Near And Faraway' marks the joint release by Italian ambient musician Fabio Orsi and Seaworthy, a three piece collective from Sydney, Australia.

With the 51 minute running time divided equally into three parts, each artist contributes a solo track which in turn bookend a collaborative composition that forms the album’s centrepiece.

Originally from Naples, Italy, but now a resident of Berlin, Fabio Orsi’s solo contribution to the album, ‘Evening By Evening’ skilfully demonstrates why he is regarded as one of his home country’s premier underground musicians. Utilising layers of guitars, keyboards and found sounds, Orsi creates an atmospheric audio postcard with a tangible sense of time and place.

Seaworthy, primarily the recording project of core member Cameron Webb, with additional instrumentation from Sam Shinazzi and Greg Bird, present ‘Branch And Stone’ a minimalist soundscape of looped guitar, electronics and field recordings. Throughout the track pervades a highly refined sense of texture, creating something at once intimate yet panoramic.

The individual elements of both artists are brought together for the title track, ‘Near And Faraway’. Through the long distance exchange of ideas and sound files, their shared experimental, yet melodic approach to composition are incorporated to form one unified whole. An album that is a perfect show of individuality, which is also able to represent itself as a greater cohesive entity.

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