jueves, 24 de febrero de 2011

VA ::: Tasogare Live in Tokyo Folder

VA ::: Tasogare Live in Tokyo Folder
Genre : Electronic, Ambient, Drone

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01-minamo live in tokyo april 11 2010
02-sawako and hofli live in tokyo april 10 2010
03-moskitoo live in tokyo april 10 2010
04-solo andata live in tokyo april 10 2010
05-taylor deupree live in tokyo april 11 2010


12k compilations are always a treat, and this bumper set of live recordings is no different. Collecting five sets from performances of Tokyo, we get long-form improvisations and compositions from Moskitoo, Sawako + Hofli, Solo Andata, Minamo and Taylor Deupree to boot. Already with names like this you should know you’re getting quality, and the tracks don’t disappoint. Minamo kicks off proceeding with an effortlessly warming ten minutes of guitar drenched electronic bliss. With rotating oscillators and swathes of ambient noise the acoustic guitar soars into the eventual cloud of delicate hum and sublime transcendence. My pick of the set comes from Aussie duo Solo Andata, who continue their streak of top-form business with a twenty minute slice of dark, Thomas Koner-influenced sub-sonic ambience. This is a much-needed yang to the near-twee of Sawako and Moskitoo, and as the disc comes to a close with Taylor Deupree’s gorgeous, dusty fifteen minute composition you’ll know all is right with the world.

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