domingo, 5 de septiembre de 2010

Helios - Unleft

Helios - Unleft
Genre : Ambient, Electronic

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1 Convivium 4:16

2 Cross The Ocean 5:21

3 The Evening Walk 3:53

4 Bounce Dive 5:45

5 Every Hair On Your Head 3:58

6 South Tree 4:03

7 Friedel 5:46

8 Distance 4:28

9 Carry With Us 4:03

10 The Jaguar Sun 4:28

11 The Morning Room 4:49


On Unleft, Keith Kenniff collects previously unreleased Helios material recorded between 2000 and 2009, sequencing the resultant tracks as a self-contained album. The resultant fifty minutes plays out as a wonderfully varied sequence that focusses on melodically resonant electronic music. You'll hear some of the compositional techniques Kenniff has become known for at work, cutting a tuneful, glitched-up swathe through opener 'Convivium', while the crunchily filtered, slow-core beats of 'Friedel' and 'Distance' channel a hazy, opiated quality. Taking this a little further, the creaking deep bass and beautiful electronic post-rock of 'Cross The Ocean' is touched by the influence of Boards Of Canada, something that could also be said of the downtempo, beat-heavy ambience of 'Bounce Dive', though there's a more playful and openly tuneful quality to Kenniff's music compared to that of the Brothers Eoin, something highlighted by the airier, brighter productions of the Portlander's music. There's also a pronounced cinematic quality to all this, and you can well imagine Kenniff being recruited to score a film at some point down the line, especially given beautifully crafted, acoustic guitar-driven pieces like 'South Tree' or the upbeat, piano-heavy 'The Morning Room', both of which showcase this side of his output very strongly.

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  1. Hola fiera ! yo pensaba que eras japones o americano y que sorpresa verte comentar en español xDDD , queria hacerte una peticion , crees que podrias conseguir el ep de donde sale esta cancion ?
    es el Televise - Sometimes, Splendid, Confusion EP (2008) de simon scott , gracias por tu esfuerzo!

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