viernes, 27 de agosto de 2010

Motion sickness of time travel :: Seeping through the veil of unconscious c60

Motion sickness of time travel :: Seeping through the veil of unconscious c60
Genre : Ambient, Electronic

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side one
1. clairvoyance
2. telepathy
3. mental projection
side two
1. magnetism
2. auto suggestion
3. the alchemical dream


"seeping through the veil of unconscious" came to us out of nowhere as a demo and i think i can say with some certainty that it's the best demo we've ever received. motion sickness of time travel is the solo moniker of lagrange, gerogia's rachel evans. she also plays in the duo, quiet evenings, with her husband and runs the hooker vision label with him as well. and while she's done some really great stuff, this album takes all of it, everything, to incredible new heights. evans concocts six whirlwind romances all in the space of an hour. beauty, magic and bleeding effervescence come together in perfect harmony. vague electro meanderings hide hints of early grouper as evans' compositions sing with the spheres. while the songs are built around vaguely catchy repetitive synth backbones, she laces an incredible array of instrumental layers between those bones creating music that is as dense and complex as it is continous. yet, the real star here is her voice. sometimes its at the fore, other times its buried underneath the plodding keys but it never gets lost and always shines. stunning music in every way. debut LP coming on digitalis next year. she's that fucking good. edition of 80, pro-dubbed. "

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  1. hi im a follower of yor blog and i0ve released some of my songs for free and i wonder if you can hear them and tell me what you think and if you like it maybe share the songs here :)

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